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About Harold Rau - Photographic Artist

Award Winning Photographic Artist

Harold Rau with one of his winning photographs

Harold's love of photography began at an early age when he received a camera as a gift. He was fascinated and forever hooked on this creative tool. Over the years his hobby grew into a business providing "stock images" to publishers. Then it diversified into all aspects of photography. Harold has continued to develop his photographic skills by taking classes and attending seminars/webinars conducted by other professional and master photographers world wide. Many of his images have been used in a variety of publications, won awards, and continue to be sold as photographic prints online, in galleries and at events. Click Here to learn more about his photography services.

Fine Art Photographer

Two of Harold's Framed Fine Art image.

While he enjoys photographing people and events, his passion is photographing landscapes, scenic places, waterfalls, cityscapes, architecture, flowers, astronomical events and wildlife. His award winning photographs can be purchased online via several platforms or at times in galleries and art events. Click here to learn more

Published Photographer

Harold Rau proof checking the cover of his book just off the press

Harold has published a number of books containing his photography. In 2016 he authored, photographed and published a seventy-two page guide book to the "Covered Bridges of Parke County Indiana." Click Here to explore his published books.